Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, I guess the Christmas season is officially over, but I'm going to write about a Christmas movie anyway. Or am I? No I'm not. Because in my opinion White Christmas is not a Christmas movie at all. I saw this old classic for the first time all the way through just a couple weeks ago. I was sorely disappointed with the lack of Christmas cheer in it. Sure, it's a good movie. The acting and singing is good. In fact, I think Danny Kaye is always great. He's so funny. But for a movie with Christmas in the title, I think they needed more than just one Christmas song. There's only one at the very end!

Now most musicals are cheesy and lame, it's just in their nature, but some of the songs in this show were a little too cheesy and lame. The one they sing at the beginning and also at the end about how much they love the general was just dumb. Now I've never been in the military, but it doesn't seem normal to love your commanding officer so much that you will actually join in song singing, "because we love him, we love him."

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