Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"You Sing Bad," says Paula. Wait, no she didn't.

I couldn't think of any movie to write about that bugged me, so I thought I would write about a TV show.  It's my blog, and I make the rules!

Today was the season premiere of American Idol.  I like to watch this show at the beginning of the season, but don't usually follow it.  I don't get crazy about it towards the end like most people do. 
 I like the first part of the season because you get to see all the weirdos and horrible singers.

One thing that bugs me is that Paula Abdul has such a hard time telling the people that they are bad.  Now, I'm not saying she needs to be a jerk like Simon, but she needs to get some courage.  She is supposed to be a judge, but she can't judge people.  After one really bad singer tonight she kept stalling with "uh, umm, eh,"  and she never would say anything.  Why can't she just say "no, you're not good enough"?  She doesn't have to be rude to be honest.

There is another thing that has always bugged me about the show, but it wasn't as bad this time.  Usually you always know which singers will make it and which ones won't because they show you a nice little back story about the person and their family before their audition.  They wouldn't do this if the person lost.  This time it seemed like they didn't do that as much, and they even showed some back stories for some that lost.  That pleased me.  At the same time, there were some who won, and they only showed us the person coming out of the room holding up the paper and cheering.  We didn't even get to hear them sing or hear what their names were.  That bugged me.

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