Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Than Meets The Eye

Transformers was one of my favorite cartoons as a child.  They were also really cool toys.   The Transformers movie was a pretty good and entertaining movie in my opinion.  I was waiting the whole time to hear the theme song, and it wasn't there.  That disappointed me. They could have at least put it in the credits.  They didn't even do a new hip hop version of the theme song like they usually do in these situations.  I was happy though when they used the line "more than meets the eye."  It was cheesy, but worth it.

Now I really don't remember enough about the cartoons to complain about how the movie got it wrong, or what they should have done to make it more like the cartoons.  There are other things I can complain about though.  Why do the Autobots transform into dumb cars and semis, but the Decepticons transform into cool fighter jets and helicopters?  Just because they're evil they get to transform into cool and powerful vehicles?  I guess that's not really a movie problem, because the cartoons were like that too.  Ok, here's a movie problem...  
I don't understand why Shia Lebeouf's character was so worried about letting his parents know the transformers were outside.  He kept stalling and making excuses, and the giant transformers outside kept their patience.  Why did they care if the kids parents saw them? They were in a life or death situation.  They were also miraculously not seen or heard by any neighbors.  Not even the serial killer who lived next door.  Wait, I'm thinking of Disturbia.

I know there are nerds out there who will think I'm dumb for some of the things I say in this post, but that's OK.  I was just reading the wikipedia article about transformers, and I was so confused by all the names and terminology and different incarnations of the story, that I thought I was being decepticonned.   Hmm, that sounded funnier in my head.

When the government had Megatron in custody, did they consider him a decepticonvict? 


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Tami said...

The one thing that really bugs me about this movie is when the guy and girl are driving in the beginning of the movie and there is no background from any angle. All you see is the white background. You would think with all the money they had to make a movie they could have put a repleating sky and ground scene or something! I'm surprised you didn't mention this!