Friday, January 11, 2008

Let The Cheese Drip

High School Musical is the biggest thing these days it seems.  No, I am not a fourteen year old girl, but yes, I have seen both of the High School Musical movies.  As far as cheesy Disney musicals go, they weren't that bad.  Possibly the most annoying thing about these movies is all the hype they get.  Of course there are a couple things about the actual show that bugged me as well.

Now I understand the way musicals work.  People go about their everyday business, and then suddenly break out into song.  Music begins to play with no musicians around.  Strangers begin singing and dancing, and everybody for some reason already knows the words to the song and the steps to the dance.  That's how all musicals are, but for some reason it seems weird when the musical is actually about a musical.  It just doesn't seem right when the girl who wrote the song hands the music to Troy and Gabriella and tells them it's a new song for them to learn, and when they begin singing it, they already know how it goes.  The girl clearly said it was a new song she just wrote!  I also find it kind of odd that the lyrics to some of the songs they sing are actually about not being able to or liking to sing and dance.

Something else that makes me wonder when I watch High School Musical is why there are only juniors in the school.  The entire basketball team is made up of juniors, and the entire cast of the play are juniors.  Sharpay and Ryan say that they have always been the stars of the school plays.  Well it seems like there is only one play a year.  That only leaves one or possibly two plays they could have starred in, depending on if the high school has freshmen in it or starts with sophomores.  Many new schools will not have seniors their first year, which could explain the lack of seniors in the movie, but there is no indication in the movie that this is the first year the school is in existence.  Maybe most of the students drop out before their senior year because they are sick of people singing and dancing willy nilly in the hallways.


Anonymous said...

Just a note: Sharpay says she and her brother have starred in 17 school productions. There is a part where the teacher tells Troy and Gabriella that they can try again for the Spring Musical. But even with 2 or three a year(assuming there is also a fall musical),that would only be 9 by the end of their jr year. However, I think there is also a line that says she has been doing musicals since kindergarten so maybe that's where she gets 17.

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