Thursday, January 3, 2008

Seat's taken

Recently while watching TV I came across the great movie Forrest Gump, so I watched the last half of it. I've seen it many times of course. It's such a great movie. It's so well written, and acted, and everything else. It really bothers me though how big of a jerk Jenny is. She treats Forrest like crap, and he continues to love her. It reminds me of this weird girl who is infatuated with me even though I ignore her. People tell me I should be rude to her, so she would get the point, but I just can't. I'm not a rude guy. Can't she tell that I'm not interested by my ignoring? She really is weird too. Anyway, back to the real subject. That situation doesn't really relate to the movie anyway.

Jenny was just using Forrest to have a child. She didn't even tell him about the child until he was like 5 years old. And I don't want to hear the excuse was because he was busy running. All she had to do was go out to the highway and wait for him to pass by. Then she only married him because she was dying and she wanted someone to take care of her and the child. Which is not necessarily a bad reason for marrying, but it just proves that she never really loved him. She was also a jerk.


The Sedgwicks said...

Is it "Fat with Glasses" that is infatuated with you?

Stan said...

You have literally butchered the plot line of one of the most famous movies of all time and completely misinterpreted an extremely symbolic scene.

I cannot believe you're the 3rd google result for 'seat's taken."