Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where Was Dwight?

The movie License To Wed should have been called The Office Movie.  It doesn't have Steve Carell, and Jim is dating Mandy Moore instead of Pam, but other than that it's The Office movie.  There were 4, count them 4, actors from The Office in this movie!  I love The Office, but it was really annoying to me that they used so many of the same actors for this movie.  John Krasinski was good for the lead, but I'm sure they could have found other people to play those minor roles.

Didn't the lady who played Mandy Moore's sister play the exact same role in The Wedding Singer?  It doesn't really bug me.  I just thought I would mention it.

Just a couple other annoyances with this movie... When Ben was in the Reverend's house, he found the divorce papers way too easily.  I don't think something like that would be so easy to find in a strangers house.  Then Robin William's explanation for why he married the Guatemalan lady was dumb.  Isn't it illegal to marry someone just so they can get a green card, then get divorced.  It should be if it isn't.  I really don't think she would have been killed if
 she went back to Guatemala.  I've been there, and they don't just kill people willy nilly.  Ha! Willy nilly! What a great term.  I'll have to use that more often.

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