Sunday, December 30, 2007

Simpsonize This

I consider myself a Simpsons fan, so I am ashamed to say that I never saw the movie until it came out on DVD. It actually bothers me that I didn't see it in the theaters. The Simpsons can be watched on TV everyday, but it's a rare thing to get to watch those lovable crazy characters in a theater. Oh well.

Now it's hard to think of things that bug me from The Simpsons Movie. Mostly because of the type of comedy that is used. Unrealistic is normal in the Simpson's world. So, the government putting a huge glass dome over the city of Springfield to keep them from polluting the rest of the country didn't really bother me. However, the huge TV screen embedded in the side of the dome, so the head of the EPA could talk to the citizens, did bug me a bit. That's just dumb.

Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger the president of the U.S.? That's not even constitutional. And why does he look and talk just like Renier Wolfcastle? They should have just made him president.

Funny movie though. Another recommendation is the new Futurama movie, Bender's Big Score. It's hillarious as well.

This is what I look like as a Simpson character! ---->


k. said...

wow, i must say, im slightly dissapointed in you... you didn't see it in theaters? my little 13 year old brother was the first in line.

i thought it was a great movie, but did you hear about the ride thats going in in universal studios? i think thats a step too far. oh well, what're you gonna do?

anyway, you seem to have really good taste in movies, i also saw i am legend, but i thought it was super depressing. this may just be the fact that im a girl speaking, but when he had to kill his dog (sorry if im giving anything away, but honestly. every movie with a dog on the poster, the dogs die.) was probably the only time i felt that the movie had a chance. the way it ended just bothered me.

billybb said...

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CKS said...

How can ANYONE actually like the Simpsons? That is the most stupid show I have ever seen. What are we teaching our children and youth about respecting parents? Whatever happened to good sitcoms?

pam said...

If it makes you feel better... I'm also dissapointed in you that you waited til the movie came out on DVD! What's wrong with you?!! JK. At least you finally watched it!

You're thinking about this too much. It's a cartoon. It's not supposed to make sense. :-p Good observations though.

DeeDubya said...

Im a huge Simpsons fan but prefered the Futurama movie. It was great but some of the plot threads went nowhere (like Lisa's love story).