Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hello everybody. This is my first blog post ever. I have never had a blog before. In fact I've always thought they were kind of lame. But recently I've been thinking a lot about starting up a website. I came up with some good ideas, but they wont be ready for a while. So in the meantime I thought it would be fun to do a blog.

Coming up with a theme for this thing was hard. Do blogs even need themes? I asked myself. Then I asked the internet, and it said no, but it's better if they do. Anyway, this blog is about things in movies that bug me. It's not necessarily about bad movies, just things that make you think, "why did they do that?" or "that doesn't make sense," or "that's stupid."

Since today is Christmas, I'm going to share with you an anoyance I have had forever with Christmas movies. Here's the thing... In almost all Christmas movies Santa is real, but nobody believes he is except for the kids, of course. If Santa is real, wouldn't the parents know? Where do they think the presents come from each year? There are so many examples. In Miracle On 34th Street nobody believes in Santa. Not even the little girl at first! They even have a trial to determine if the guy really is Santa. So does Santa go to the houses and if the parents already left stuff out he doesn't leave anything. That has to be the case, because if he left stuff the parents should know that Santa is real.

In The Santa Clause he is actually on the roof ready to go down the chimney when he falls and dies. Tim Allen goes out and ends up becomming Santa Claus and even taking a trip to the North Pole. He gets back from the North Pole and still doesn't believe until he starts getting fat and growing a white beard. What would have happened if the other Santa hadn't fallen and died? The next day there would have been presents under the tree, just like there was the year before, and Tim would have realized that Santa was real. Or would he? No. That's just the way it is.

In conclusion I have to say I'm not really sure how they could fix the problem, or if they even need to. Most Christmas movies wouldn't work if the parents believed. So, whatever, it still bugs me though.

p.s. why did none of the elves even aknowledge the death of the old Santa? They weren't sad or anything. They didn't even seem to notice there was a new Santa. Did he beat them?


itsy said...

Because if you do believe - he leaves presents and if you don't he doesn't - if your parents don't believe they already leave stuff out and Santa doesn't need to - or the kids would get too much and there would be lots of over consuming kids with far too many presents. Oops that doesn't make sense either, there ARE lots of kids with far too much stuff today.

Anyway good start - maybe don't say blogging is lame or it looks like you don't have PASSION and LOVE blogging. Come and have a look at mine - I will be updating today.

Bobby 'Slamdunk' Hooper said...

it's simpler than that: elves are heartless, cruel, unforgiving and, to add a bit of my personal vitriol, slovenly housekeepers. i'll never fall for another one, at least not without a stunt double.
later holmes

bobby 'slamdunk' hooper