Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Am Not a Legend

I recently saw I Am Legend. I enjoyed the movie, and it kept me entertained. Of course there were a couple things that bugged me. For probably the first half of the movie I thought that the "outbreak" was only in New York City. I thought only people in New York had turned to vampires, and Will Smith was stuck there by himself because he wanted to find a cure. It turned out the disease had spread throughout the world, and Will was the lone survivor (or so he thought). Now, of course this could be my own dumbness and not the movie's fault. But still, they should have made it clearer.

Another problem I have with it... Where did all the wildlife come from? Why is there a herd of elk (or deer, antelope, I don't know, they're all the same to me) running through NYC? And what about the Lions? I guess they could have come from the zoo, but wouldn't all the zoo animals just die in their cages without food? Just because people have turned into zombie vampires doesn't mean the city will fill with wildlife. Why does Will need to hunt the wildlife when he has tons of food already in his apartment?

Now, I don't want to give away the ending because the movie is still in theaters. I just have one more annoyance to share. He puts UV lights around the perimeter of his house to protect himself from the vampires. Why doesn't he also put them inside his house, just in case they get in. He was smart enough to put guns all over his house, and even grenades, but he wasn't smart enough to install some life saving light fixtures.


boulrskeen said...

Ok rich, first of all the wildlife was there cause t here was no human to kill them, so they wander into the city and they breed over the years. Second of all he was hunting for the deer to have the blood to attract the mutant people. And third of all they where not vampires they just had very delicate skin and they lack human emotions.

T Rose said...

I definitely share your love of movies-- so if you're ever wanting to discuss them, let me know.

With I Am Legend, naturally there are some areas where you have to suspend your disbelief and maybe fill in some of the blanks a bit on your own. I imagine that the zoo animals escaped as some of the zombies started trashing the city. Zoo animals would be an good source of meat for them, plus they are already caught and easy to get to... But a lion can fight back once the cage door is opened, and perhaps they were a bit too much of a hassle for even the zombies to risk getting at... There are deer in central park, so like boulrskeen mentioned, they probably just multiplied without the imposition of people restricting their growth. But Will didn't go after them for their blood (he used his own for the traps), he just wanted fresh meat. (Remember, he was saving his bacon, and he got excited when he found a can of spam. Meat was limited, although he had plenty of other canned goods).

Very good question about the indoor UV lights though. Hadn't thought about that.

Ok, and now my reply is turning into a blog on its own... Sorry abuot that. :)

RĂªverie said...

Just a thought here, but how stupid would the zombies/vampires/mutants/whatever the hell they are have to be to not simply kill the power stations... assuming of course that the power stations would still be running without human oversight, and then get Will when he has no electricity to power his UV lights? Or were they all dumbed down when they were infected?

Just a thought...

harmonysweetpea said...

Okay I only watched this movie last night and at the time I thought my only issue was a semi lame ending and yeah okay the zoo animals in the city was wierd but possible if they were searching for food desperately.

However reading your post I just realised there is something that really does annoy me about this movie. The fact that they may have been vampires. Thinking about it now, it makes sense. Burn up in the sun, want to bite humans etc. But the whole way through the movie I was thinking they were zombies or something and didn't even consider this possiblity. I think they needed to make it a big clearer what they were!

DeusExMachina said...

I can't believe you picked out these points without picking up the horribly rushed ending haha.

But still! Very good points. I too wondered about the Wildlife.