Sunday, December 30, 2007

Q is for Queer (as in odd, or unusual, not the gay one)

When I think about movies that bug me, the one that tops the list is John Q. The thing that bugs me is that everyone cheers for John Q (Denzel Washington). I saw this movie twice shortly after it came out on DVD, with different groups of people. Both times the people I was with were cheering for John Q, hoping he would succeed, and I was cheering for the cops. Don't people realize that he is the bad guy? He took an entire emergency room hostage! That's what bad guys do!

What bugs me even more is that even the people he took hostage were on his side. When they were released the Hispanic lady comments to reporters that John Q. is a good man. Then that one annoying guy says that John Q. saved a man's life. He was referring to the guy the paramedics brought in for a bullet wound. John Q. let him in the ER and forced the doctor to treat him. So I guess he did save his life. Because if he wouldn't have been there holding the ER hostage, the paramedics would have just left him outside to die. Thank goodness he was there to force the Doctor to treat him.

The worst part of this movie was when the stupid sniper failed to shoot John Q. The best part was when the jury convicted him, and the police took him away.

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