Thursday, December 27, 2007

Big Bird Believes

I debated whether or not I should write about a movie most people won't know, and I decided it doesn't matter. There is a wonderful movie called Christmas Eve On Sesame Street. It was made in the 70s I think, back when Sesame Street was good. My family has always watched this movie on Christmas Eve, and I think we always will. It's tradition, and its a pretty good show.

However, there is one thing about the movie that bugs me. Oscar asks Big Bird how Santa gets down all the small chimneys. Big Bird doesn't know. Then Oscar tells him he better find out or Santa won't be able to come down the chimney and bring presents. The rest of the show follows Big Bird's quest to figure out how he does it. The thing that bothers me is that they keep saying, "if we don't figure out how he comes down the chimney, nobody will get any presents." That's not even logical! Why would their lack of knowledge keep Santa from coming and leaving presents? They don't need to know how he does it in order for him to do it. I don't know how a toilet works, but it still does. Ok, actually I do know. A toilet isn't that complicated. I was just trying to think of something similar to a fat man going down a small chimney. :)

I have to keep reminding myself throughout the show that they are just kids, even Big Bird, and kids don't always use common sense. I hate to give away the ending, but if you haven't seen it yet that's your own problem. Big Bird never figures out how Santa does it, but he still comes and leaves presents. Then Gordon, bless his soul, explains to Big Bird why he didn't need to know, and the important thing is that they had found him, because he was lost, not Gordon, but Big Bird, because he was on the roof waiting for Santa. Anyway, it's a good show, even though it bugs me a little.

On a future posting I will share what I hate about present day Sesame Street, compared to Sesame Street when I was a kid. Be excited!

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In this post, you made a promise to disclose your feelings about present-day sesame street. Well...