Monday, September 29, 2008

Jerry, you've done it again.

After receiving a number of complaints due to the lack of updates on this crazy blog, I've decided to write another post. To tell you the truth, I got kind of bored with it. Well maybe not bored, because I enjoy writing these things, but it just takes a long time. Did you see that hilarious King Kong picture on the last post? That took forever to find!

Ever since I saw the old man taking a dump outside the laundry room window... hey that sounds like the beginnings of a country song! Or a blues ditty. It definitely gave me the blues. Anyway, ever since I saw that I've been thinking it would be fun to write an actual life blog, because interesting crap (pun intended) happens to me sometimes. But it probably won't happen (the blog, not the crap). I just don't like people knowing that much about me. So I'll just write movie reviews instead.

The Dark Knight:
This was a really great movie. You all probably already know that. Everybody likes this movie. It was great in so many ways, but also annoying in just a couple ways. The most annoying thing... Why in the world does a guard need to be inside the detention cell with The Joker? Why does that guard have a weapon on him? If the room is sealed and the door is locked, then The Joker should be fine in there all by himself! I wonder how surprised those idiots were when he escaped. "Wait just a gosh darn minute," they thought. "How in the world did that crazy pale face man escape? Wasn't Jerry in there with him? Jerry seems like a trustworthy guy. That's why we gave him the key, and the knife."

Also, I really don't think people are as good as the people on those boats. In real life both groups would have blown up each other. There would have been riots. I wonder why they didn't look on the lower level of the boat before they left. They could have fit a lot more people in there, and also maybe, just maybe, they would have seen the entire place filled with explosives, and they could have done something about it before they left dock. Fools.

Also I think they should have killed Joker at the end and kept Two Face alive, because if they try to make a sequel with someone else playing Joker then it will be genuinely stupid.


Tami said...

I haven't seen these movies yet--I never go to the theater, but rent them from Netflix... Yes, I DO like the King Kong pic! Very good find.

Tami said...
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